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> Lobsters Feburary 2018

> Lobsters July 2020


> Practical advice from Madhadron


> To get good, go after the metagame

> Lobsters February 2020

> HN: Februrary 2020


> Synecdoche in programming and organization roles, just not in New York

> Backend Lore

> One idea, one note


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> Lobsters December 2019

> Person Do Thing: Charades by way of restricted vocabulary

> Knights Hospitaller as a major European Air Power


> The Gears and the Gods

> Simple Multi-client Websocket server

> How much of a genius level move was using Binary Space Partitioning in Doom?

> PATH_MAX Simply isn't

> Lobsters November 2019

> What is your X setup like? (November 2019)

> Comic Tracker: Keep your place in Darths and Droids (and soon to be more comics)


> What can you expect from this site?

> WebAssembly on the Server: How System Calls Work - Christine Dodrill

> The toolbox fallacy

> Why video game developers should understand functional fixedness

> Julia Evans: SQLite is really easy to compile

> Nim: Easily make executables from small amounts of code

> On building systems that still fail

> David Thompson on "My favorite Git Commit"

> How to specify the IE version with the C# WebBrowser control

> "The Single Most Useful Thing in Bash"

> Inspect this Snake

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> Lobsters September 2019

> WebGL Fluid Simulation

> Luastatic: A tool for compiling Lua files into executables

> .NET Formatting strings

> A toy Nim web framework inspired by ExpressJS

> To Try: FireNVim, which embeds NeoVim in Firefox and Chromium

> Edsger W. Dijkstra: On the cruelty of really teaching computing science

> A good Samaritan uses Bank Account references to communicate with the owner of a lost card

> New scheduler

> Postgres when it isn't your Job

> How to build a low tech internet

> Kilobyte Wiki | October 2019

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